Thursday, June 25, 2009

流水席 - Liu Shui Xi Snacks

This is a bare bones little place that serves decent xiaochi (snacks) if you happen to find yourself in the Shuangnan area. It's about a block southeast of the big Ren Ren Le complex. Their chao shou is a solid choice. Red oil chao shou (红油抄手):

Tian shui mian (甜水面) are thick, chewy wheat noodles in a spicy and sweet sauce. This bowl tipped the balance way to the spicy side. The noodles were too stiff though:

I forgot it was summer, and ordered a bowl of tang yuan 汤元 (sweet sesame stuffed rice ball soup). It was very, very good, though not really something you feel like eating in hot weather.

Each small bowl will set you back about Y3

Address: 流水席 武侯区双楠街145号

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