Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lunch at Tian Yuan

Back at Tian Yuan, for lunch. I usually stay away from the fake meat items at Chinese vegetarian restaurants, but let the server suggest me a couple this time. If I had been able to read the real name of the cold dish (Crystal Jelly made from Zhenjiang River water) I might have had higher expectations. I took it as a kind of fake meat headcheese, though it was chewy and didn't melt in your mouth like the real thing. Tasted pretty good though, and the spicy sauce was great.

腰果吉丁, Cashew and diced 'chicken'. Note the clever play on words around the third character 吉, with the same pronunciation as 'chicken', but meaning 'lucky'. Sweet, spicy, chewy, nice crunch from the celery and cashews.

Server was very sweet and took care of everything. I lingered a bit afterwards on the deck with a novel and they kept my millet sprout tea topped up. Another server brought out a sample of a new menu item to try.


  1. As a vegetarian who's three weeks into a year-long stint in Chengdu, I was delighted to stumble across your blog yesterday while looking for info on Tian Yuan. Thanks for your hard work on this, and for your attention to the needs of vegetarians and Chinese novices!

  2. Welcome to Chengdu! Funny, I just got back from dinner there. They have some nice private rooms in the back. The food is not really consistent though; it was still quite good, just didn't look or taste like the same thing I ate before. Stay tuned for more veg places.


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