Thursday, June 25, 2009

何吉发手撕面 - He Ji Fa Handmade Noodles

This very popular noodle shop is in the complex north of the main campus of SWUFE university, known locally as 财大。 (The noodle shop is right across from High Connections Coffee.) Foreign students from the university come here a lot. It is one of the few lower end places that I know of with an English menu.

The noodle dishes are the main draw. The noodles come in long, chewy, raggedy strips, more tender than dao shao (knife cut) noodles. The whole rib noodles are excellent, but I wanted to try something else my last visit. I asked for a small bowl of pickled pepper chicken wing noodles and some bean sprouts:

They were quick to replace the bean sprouts with some cucumbers when I pointed out a pebble in the dish.

Pickled pepper chicken wing noodles:

As you can see the chicken wings here are actually the wing tips, which often get discarded in the West but which are the most loved part of the bird here. I was very impressed to get four of them in my soup, but couldn't find any peppers. I have my suspicions they just didn't want to waste the searingly hot pickled peppers (泡椒) on the foreigner. Even without the peppers the soup was quite spicy and had crunchy bits of raw garlic.

Address: 何吉发手撕面 青羊区双清南路6号财经商业广场B座18号

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