Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Falafel at the Sultan

"I honestly don't get this food."

"The table was full of really strange things; the flavour was weird as well."

"There was only one thing I could bring myself to eat"

"I've tried to like it many times, I still can't get used to it."

These comments come from online reviews of The Sultan, a middle eastern restaurant near Yulin. Reading locals' reviews of Western restaurants really brings home that Western food is just as strange to Chinese people as Chinese food can be to us non-Chinese. (It also makes me realize how my scribblings about Chinese food must look to a native Chinese person.) But in the end, who can say whose reaction to which food is authentic?

Philosophy aside, here is the falafel plate at the Sultan. Fresh baked (very good) bread, crunchy and spicy falafel, nice bright vegetables, house made yogurt, and a strange sauce that tasted like spicy ketchup. They could have used better tomatoes, but everything else is quite good. I like it a lot. (And I wish you could order their wine by the glass.)

林南街1号都市金岸附14号(近倪家桥) The Sultan, just off Nijiaqiao Rd, pretty close to Bookworm

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  1. The hummus at Sultan is good too. I was happy with everything I've tried.


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