Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yong Feng Honey Shop

Honey shops, like tea shops, are full of a bewildering assortment of fragrant things. It can be tough to pick out something even if you can read Chinese, but this little store has a couple of ways around the language barrier. First, they sell pre-jarred honey that is labelled in English though a bit more expensive than the bulk honey. Also, there are about ten huge lidded pots of bulk honey in the middle of ths store so you can lift the lids and use your nose to choose. Or ask for a taste if you want.

I was so captivated by the scent from one pot, I ended up buying one of the more expensive kinds. The shop owner said it was 'yang hua' honey, labelled acacia honey in English. (Acacia? Really?) The honey in this shop ranges from six to about twenty yuan per half kilo, depending on what flower it is from, and I wasn't charged anything for the bottle. Besides honey (蜜糖), the store also sells pollen (花粉) and fresh royal jelly (王浆)

1 kg jar of 'acacia' honey:

Address: 永丰路8号6附. Yong Feng Road, on the west side of the street just south of the first ring overpass. There's actually a well hidden English sign.


  1. Hi Pepper!
    Thanks so much for your blog :D. I'm chinese born (Chongqing, the place that stole Chengdu's business' ;)) but live and grew up in the UK. All my family live in Chengdu now and I go visit them once or twice a year and I love the city as well as the food there :D! Exploring the city and it's food is great but it's always embarrassing how little I know about the food or where to find it. As well as the menus XD I'm often scared I've read words wrong and they always give me weird looks cos' they think I'm stupid as I look local hahahaa. So glad to have stumbled onto your blog, I can't wait to go back this summer holiday and find all these places :D!

  2. Thanks for dropping in Shaolu. If you have any tips please pass them on too!


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