Sunday, May 17, 2009

宜宾面庄 - Yibin Noodles Manor

It's hot these days, and humid. All you really feel like eating are the basic, room temperature vegetable dishes like these, with a bowl of all you can eat congee on the side.

The enormous menu of homestyle Sichuan food at the back of this place drew my attention, though. They have potato twice cooked pork (土豆回锅肉), my favourite kind, as well as a couple kinds that I had never seen before: black pepper twice cooked pork 胡椒回锅肉 and, unbelievabley, twice cooked pork made with chao shou (抄手回锅肉). All very cheap, too. I ordered a Y10 plate of homestyle tofu (家常豆腐). 'Homestyle tofu' elswhere in the Chinese speaking world means a humble stir fry of tofu and vegetables. In Sichuan homestyle means spicy:

I really wanted to like this place since the menu was so great, but whoever cooked this didn't care much about how it ended up tasting, and the plate hadn't been cleaned properly in a long time. Have been trying to put more good native Sichuan food on this blog, really I have, but struck out this time. Storefront:

宜宾面庄 太平南新街, on one of the back streets between Hongwasi and Jiuyanqiao, not that you should try to find it.


  1. Heyy! I'm back again ;D
    I was wondering whether you knew any good cheap sushi places? I asked my uncle last time I went back about it and he didn't know any apart from this one place and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the prices for the sushi >.< so I ordered fried rice... lol.

  2. Hi shaolu, sorry I don't know of good sushi and my local Japanese friends, some of who have been living here way longer than me, claim there is none to be found. You can try but I am not sure western Chinese opinions about sushi reflect those of oceanside dwellers : )

  3. Ah well XD nvm, thankyou :D!


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