Saturday, May 2, 2009

熙元双皮奶 - Xi Yuan Milk Pudding Dessert Shop

Xi Yuan Milk Pudding is a pretty good, and pretty consistent, chain of dessert shops of the type that tend to cluster around universities. Their menu is Chinese only, and in traditional characters which is a bit of a struggle. But I love the traditional, crawling-turtle 龜 character that marks my favourite menu item, 龜苓膏, or herb jelly.

This bitter, dark green jelly has wondrous properties. One swallow can make you feel cooler. You can buy little cups of it in grocery and convenience stores, or eat bowls of the stuff, usually covered in jam or sweet syrup, in snack and dessert shops. Here is a small, Y3 bowl of jelly with my spoon resting in the fruit jam on the surface:

双皮奶 - The shop's signature product is milk pudding (lit, 'double skin milk'). They will serve it cool or warm with jam, syrup, or sweet red or green bean on top. This is red bean.

Another great thing to order is the 姜撞奶, ginger pudding.

Address: 科华北路131号四川大学南门附近(郭家桥菜市街对面) Not actually on Kehua North Road; go east past the Dico's and one more block past the Leg and Whistle. It's across the road from the veg market, by the river.

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