Friday, May 29, 2009

牛肉面 , 加蛋 - Beef Noodles with an Egg

Fifteen minutes before class I was starving and running out of options, so pulled up a stool at this alley noodle stand and asked for beef noodles with an egg on top. The woman and man, who were just setting up shop, began working on my order.

I am not sure what fuel they were using in the buckets for heat - my guess is coal. They had cooked beef in a bowl of red oil and a stack of cold fried eggs. They held one of the eggs in the boiling water to heat it up before placing it on top of my bowl:

The noodles tasted better than I expected, considering the setup. (But not as good as Huiyuan Noodles around the corner.) The people working there prepared and served everything with care, and asked me if the noodles tasted good. A little attention makes all the difference.

Location: an alley branching south off of Hongwasi Street. Opposite the two Zigong cuisine restaurants. They aren't there every day.

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