Wednesday, April 15, 2009

武大郎烧饼 - Wu Da Lang Flatbread

This is a newly opened takeout place on Xiaojiahe street. Its single product is a kind of flatbread which is very new to me and as far as I can figure out is more common in Hubei than Sichuan. The product is touted, strangely, as a Tujia specialty: Chinese-style pizza. (Tujia is one of the many ethnic minorities in China)

Curiosity finally led me to the front of the line a couple of days ago and I asked for a beef 'bing'. You get a pretty thick flatbread which has been spread with a meat paste and baked, and then topped with shredded cucumbers and green onions. Hot pepper is optional. They cost Y3 each, which I think is too much, and the cooked meat paste on top seemed 'industrial', and pretty unappetizing. The place is very popular though, and often has a lineup which means quick turnover and usually fresh product.

Location: Across Xiaojiahe street from Grandma Jin's.

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