Thursday, April 9, 2009

Special at Zoe's: American Chop Suey

This was the special at Zoe's Barbecue on RenMin South Rd yesterday. The most interesting part of the sign was the translation: 美式通心粉, or American 'tongxinfen'. 通心粉, as far as I can tell, refers to any Italian short shaped or pierced pasta, like macaroni, rotini, penne, or shells. At the time I had not the Y28 worth of curiosity/hunger to find out firsthand, but I don't think American Chinese food is represented any more faithfully than any other Western food here. Zoe's is billed as an American Southern style barbecue restaurant, but really has basic diner food in a pretty upscale setting. Only the very low end of the menu is in the Y20-30 range.

Address: 人民南路四段30号附12号(威斯顿联邦大厦对面)

This area of Renmin South Road has a cluster of non-Chinese restaurants with English menus: The Shamrock, Grandma's Kitchen, Namaste, and Firenze. The Bookworm is right around the corner too.

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