Saturday, April 11, 2009

清真 回香牛肉 - Qingzhen Hui Xiang Beef

Tried to eat at a favourite homestyle Sichuan place on Xiaojiahe street today, only to find it closed. No matter, I had been wanting to try a Muslim style beef place across the street. The place is right next door to Grandma Jin's.

My guest hadn't been there before either so we asked the boss what to order. We ended up with a dish of fanqie niu liu (蕃茄牛柳, tomato and tender beef) and a plate of sijidou (四季豆、 green beans) and nanguatang (南瓜汤, pumpkin soup). The soup wasn't on the menu but our server suggested it, and it was good if pretty rough and simple - boiled chunks of soft pumpkin in its own broth.

The niuliu (牛柳, tender beef) dishes here are a specialty. The slices of beef were a little chewy but very good, and I thought our tomato beef dish contained a lot of meat for a serving that only cost Y15. The tomato sauce had a little garlic and ginger, and tasted great. Definitely worth repeat visits.

Address: 清真回香牛肉 肖家河街 12号

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