Friday, April 24, 2009

米老鼠 - Mickey Mouse

This is Y2.5 worth of the crispy 'Taiwan style' pumpkin and vegetable fritters that are sold at many bakeries. They are very good, but like most crispy deep fried snacks here the deliciousness half-life is about ten minutes so if you have not actually seen the tray of freshly prepared product set out it's best to pass them by. (KFC is not an exception.)

The great thing about street food is that you can order stuff just by pointing, so I never knew what these were called. Since I wanted to post about them today I asked the boss. She told me very slowly and clearly - "米老鼠" mĭlăoshŭ. "You mean the small animal 老鼠.....and the 米 that means rice?" I asked, mystified. She smilingly confirmed the words - 'rice mouse'. The only thing this brought to mind was a famous Chinese love song creepily entitled 'As the Mouse Loves the Rice', but on getting home and web-searching the term, I found that mĭlăoshŭ is the Chinese name for Mickey Mouse. Still can't see a connection between the snack and its name, so it's a good example of how life in China is confusing if you don't know the language, but can be even more confusing when you do know a little. Have a fritter.

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