Wednesday, April 1, 2009

金婆婆手掌面 - Grandma Jin's Handmade Noodles

Xiaojiahe area is a pretty good place find yourself hungry. Grandma Jin's is a spot I've always wanted to try but hadn't gotten around to because of all the other great barbecue and homestyle food in the area. I finally walked in the other day; it's a little rundown but they keep the place very clean. I wanted something green so ordered a Y5 plate of 凉拌折耳根 (cool mixed zhi'er gen). I haven't found an English name for zhi'er gen; it's green, flat leaves with a minty taste. ('Vietnamese fish mint' keeps turning up, but the plant does not taste fishy to me.) It came tossed with vinegar and a little oil, onion, and garlic. That day they also had cucumber, tofu, and wood ear available for the liang ban (cool mixed) treatment.

The handmade noodles ended up being almost exactly like bedspread noodles, and were really, really good. These are beef flavoured. Need to sample the 豆汤饭 (bean soup with rice) next time.

Address: 金婆婆手掌面 武侯区肖家河街8号


  1. Hey Pepper,
    Count me as your newest, biggest fan! My wife and I have been living in Chengdu for about half a year now, in love with the place, its people and esp. the food. But our local Chengdu friends disdain the snack food - they want to go to big fancy places if they eat out. Which leaves us flapping in the breeze, trying to figure out the snack scene ourselves....until we chanced on you blog.
    Way to go! Nice pics, great writing, and most of all, a real appreciation for the local snack food, which is just outstanding in so many ways.

    Thanks and Kudos,

  2. Thanks for your comment, happy that locals are finding the blog useful!

  3. Hi Pepper, thanks for your great blog. I've mappped this place on my Google Map. I hope to try it out some day.,104.047973&spn=0.016414,0.033023&z=16&iwloc=00048c8697d9476062880


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