Saturday, April 18, 2009

崇州 荞面 - Chongzhou Buckwheat Noodles

Within a province the size and population of Sichuan it's not surprising that many regional cuisines have developed, and fortunately many of these regional specialties can be tasted in the capital. Chongzhou gives us bedspread noodles, which is one of my favourite things to eat, as well as buckwheat noodles.

This noodle shop across from the Fortune Center is always overflowing at mealtimes and never really empties, even in the afternoons when the staff of most places are napping. They have regular wheat noodles and rice noodles on the menu, but the vast majority of customers ask for their made-to-order buckwheat or bedspread noodles. I think they don't pull the bedspread noodles smooth enough, but love the buckwheat noodles.

This is an order of yuanyang noodles (鸳鸯荞面), which means a mix of buckwheat and rice noodles. On top is beef mixed with its usual partner, stewed dried bamboo shoot (竹笋).

Location: Across street from Fortune Centre KFC 崇州荞面 铺盖面 财富中心肯德基对面

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