Saturday, March 14, 2009

Renmin Rd, 1st South Section

There are often street vendors scattered on this stretch of road just south of Tianfu Square, the heart of the city. Today at around one thirty there was a bigger assortment than I'd ever seen: jian bings, dan hong gao, 'Korean' fried quail eggs on a stick, Taiwanese rice wraps, dou hua, cold seasoned noodles, and fresh peeled pineapple and water chestnuts.

The vendors call it Brazilian barbecue: pork roasted on a vertical spit, chopped up with lettuce and seasoned with pepper and stuffed into a flatbread, for 4 rmb:

One of the stations advertised seafood wontons (海鲜馄饨 hăixiān húntún). They were making the wontons by hand with what looked like pure ground pork. I inquired what was 'seafood' about the wontons and they pointed out their condiments, which included seaweed and dried shrimp:

Not bad for 3 rmb, but I would ask for no hot pepper and no Sichuan pepper next time:

Everyone had dispersed by four when I walked by again. Perhaps the cops had come by.


  1. That pork on the verticle spit looks just like Al Pastor on the Trompo! Mexican "shepherd style" style pork cooked on a verticle spit(trompo).

  2. KirkK, that's funny! I think they call it Brazilian because Brazilian barbecue is well known here (we have lots of Brazilian barbecue restaurants) but Mexican food is hardly known at all. It's a pretty new street food here - I've only seen it within the last couple of months.

    Have seen something similar called labelel 'Turkey' (as in Turkish rou jia mo) once in Beijing, but they were using chicken.


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