Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jintang Red Oil Chao Shou

This place is in the same complex as my bedspread noodle house, across the second ring from the southwest Ito Yokado. They do chao shou and a few other snacks. One interesting thing on their menu board is 蒜泥抄手, or garlic 'mud' chao shou, which has the dumplings tossed in spicy oil and pureed raw garlic to intense effect. Today I decided to try their plain red oil dumplings:

They were fine, and much hotter than at True Flavour. I regretted passing up bedspread noodles to eat them though. An older worker sat at a back table making chao shou between drags of a cigarette.

Address: 金堂红油抄手二环西一段92号附13号海美伦酒店1楼 In a big complex across from the Shuangnan Ito Yokado.

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