Monday, March 16, 2009

汇川鱼馆 - The Fish Place at Moziqiao

Seafood (海鲜 hăixiān) is less common in Chengdu unless you go to high end or Cantonese restaurants. What we do have in abundance is freshwater fish (河鲜 héxiān) - river eels, Chongqing-style grilled fish, 'cold pot' fish,the shrimp-like critters that live in rice fields, and the 'water boiled' fish dishes often found at home style restaurants. The Fish Place at Moziqiao specializes in freshwater fish preparations. Most people we saw there were eating the incendiarily spicy hot pepper fish (辣子鱼 làzi yú).

I can never remember all the names and preparations of fish, but ordering is not too difficult. There is reportedly no menu at this restaurant (we definitely didn't see one) - the boss comes to your table, eyes you up, and figures out what and how much you want to eat. You then agree to whatever he suggests. I told him that it was our first visit, that one of my guests didn't care for fish so we needed an additional dish, and that we could eat medium-hot food. I then just nodded at all the suggestions even though I didn't understand them all. (Thought we were getting tofu, but nothing arrived.) The room was full of tables of working guys so was pretty smoky, and we were in the very back. Service was not exactly warm but very efficient and competent.

Our cold dish was wood ear mushroom mixed with sesame oil, garlic, and chopped green onion - a pleasure. It came with a textbook jing jiang rousi (Beijing sauce pork shreds).

The next dish to arrive was baby taro and bok choy:

We then got our pot of fish. Very tender fish with a tinge of smokiness in numbing and spicy broth. The fish had all its bones but they weren't too hard to handle.

Fish head soup to finish. I'd really like to see what else the kitchen can do, so next time will ask for my fish done up non-spicy.

My English name for this establishment is a bit arbitrary; the real name translates to something like 'where the rivers converge'. Address: 汇川鱼馆 一环路南二段磨子桥科华巷3号, behind New Century Computer city, very close to Moziqiao overpass on the first ring.

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  1. nice place we always went there if no better chioces came up


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