Tuesday, February 3, 2009

真味抄手 - True Flavour Chao Shou

真味 is a chain; the branch I speak of is on KeHuaBeiLu, across from the SOHO complex in between a place that serves bad Crossing the Bridge Noodles and a DanDan Noodle shop. This is by far my favourite chao shou spot, though like many places if you go in the afternoon during staff nap time service suffers. Their dumplings are not the small delicate ideal chao shou specimens; they are large and chewy, a style I much prefer. I also love that they throw in a bowl of boiled cabbage and pao cai for free. (Pao cai is always free, but most dumpling and noodle shops charge one yuan or so if you want a bowl of boiled cabbage on the side.) Their spicy red oil chao shou carries a good hit of ya cai sourness and is not overwhelmingly hot.

Blurry pic of 豆班抄手 (Spicy bean paste chao shou), which I have never seen offered elsewhere:

They have many other ways to serve the dumplings: 牛肉 (beef)、排骨 (rib), 红由 (red oil), 炖鸡 (stewed chicken)、 土鸡 (free range chicken)、 怪味 (strange flavour)、 海味 (seafood flavour)、 酸菜(suan cai - sour preserved vegetable)、酸辣 (sour-hot)、鸡杂 (misc chicken), as well as noodles and big bowls of bobo ji on every table. Chinese only menu.

Address: on 科华北路; details to come


  1. This is my fave Chaoshou chain. Did you try the numb-taste ones?

  2. No...maybe those are spicier. The last mala chaoshou I ate were too much for me. What other branches are good? I don't find chains to be very consistent here.


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