Monday, February 16, 2009

Korean in the Core

Being close to downtown at mealtimes is never a good thing. The food options in the core are pretty grim outside some street food, dozens of chains, and some very high end or overly trendy places. I often end up at Fu Le Yong He Dou Jiang (a very decent Taiwanese chain) or filling up on street food.

The Plaza Center is one of the big department stores along Shun Cheng Da Jie. (2-8 or so 号 顺城大街) They have quite a few chains downstairs: Ajisen Ramen, a KFC, a DQ, a Singapore noodle place. A short lived branch of Beard Papa once served stale cream puffs. I wanted to check out the Korean place: 金草帽韩式烧烤 (Straw Hat Korean barbecue).

It's possible but tough to find good Korean food, which I adore, in Chengdu. Korean restaurants in the West are often staffed with Koreans, but not so here. Thus you can't order in Korean; if they have no English menu you need to read or know the Chinese words for everything. The staff were not sure what to do when a foreigner walked in. A Chinese speaking foreigner was even more puzzling, but I eventually got my order of 石锅拌饭 (dol sot bi bim bap; stone pot mixed rice and vegetables) and a watermelon juice:

Lots of room for improvement: stone pots are supposed to be stone, and supposed to be hot; this one was neither. No sesame flavour. Had to ask for pan chan. Y34 for everything.

So my search for good food in the core continues. Any tips?

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  1. There is a nice Korean place, with a Korean owner in Zi Jing, another next to the Leg and Whistle, both are not bad (I lived in Korea for a couple of years).

    For Dol sot bibimbap I prefer a little place on Yu Lin Nan Lu, on the West side of the street just north of the Fang Hua Hen Jie interesction. There are no Korean speakers here, but their Dol Sots are great.



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