Wednesday, February 11, 2009

肥肠铺盖面 - Bedspread Noodles with Tripe

The menu at my favourite 铺盖面 (pugai mian, bedspread noodles) shop is a single page - bedspread noodles with your choice of topping, and rice noodles with almost exactly the same list. Y5 for a small bowl and Y7 for large.

杂酱铺盖面 - scrap sauce bedspread noodles
鸡杂铺盖面 - misc chicken (would be necks, gizzard, hearts, liver) bedspread noodles
牛肉铺盖面 - beef bedspread noodles
排骨铺盖面 - rib bedspread noodles
肥肠铺盖面 - tripe bedspread noodles
炖鸡铺盖面 - stewed chicken bedspread noodles
酸菜铺盖面 - preserved vegetable bedspread noodles

Noodles with ribs is a tricky order. You say 'paigu pugai' and it's very easy to get the sounds mixed up. Pictured is the specialty of the house with tripe - barnyardy, spicy, and great.


  1. So 铺盖面 means one large piece of 面? That sounds so great. Don't stop blogging, blog more!

  2. Yep, they stretch it by hand into a big sheet. I am still getting the hang of eating a big, slippery sheet of noodle with chopsticks but they are chewy and good ones are smooth as silk - some versions are rougher.


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