Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Map of China Through Sichuanese Eyes

This hilarious map appears on a Chinese message board, and is titled Map of China Through Sichuanese Eyes. Each region is labeled according to food.

Xinjiang - Lamb Skewers, Raisins
Tibet - Yak Meat
Chongqing - They Stole Our Business
Wuhan - Duck Necks
Hunan - Even Hotter than Us
Taiwan - Bubble Tea
Macao - Desserts
Yunnan - Rice Noodles (see Crossing the Bridge Noodles)
Gansu - Lamb and Beef
Guangdong - Specialists in Eating Strange Species
Hong Kong - Egg Tarts
Hainan - Coconuts
The Northeast - Big Portions

Big swaths of northern China are labeled - 'Eat plain flour based food', big swaths of the South are 'eat plain rice'. Sichuan itself is 'Best Local Food in the World'.

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