Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kettle Chips

Bagged potato chips in China are a little strange. They are nearly always sweet and many flavours, even the plain ones, oddly include chicken. The main brands manage to keep a bit of chemically preserved freshness and crunch, but others taste like they've been made from sawdust. The snack known as 香辣土豆片 (fragrant spicy potato slices) is great in theory but the chips are often scooped on the street out of industrial sized bags and, well...potato chips don't benefit from long exposure to the local humidity.

Discovering this market stall, which makes 香辣土豆片 fresh in small batches, was like finding treasure. The chips are very like what are sold as kettle chips back in Canada - thick, salty, spicy, more crunchy than crispy, and carrying a sheen of oil.

This is the place: 哈尔宾 烤饼馆 - Harbin Baked Goods Shop, in the Yulin Market. The address (shown also on sign below) is 玉林西街 12 号.

Update May 30 - the stall is no longer selling these chips! Looking for an alternative...

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