Saturday, January 31, 2009

碎蝶音乐咖啡 - Brunch at Coffee

Any post I've started to write about Western food has turned into a rant. Foreign fare in Chengdu is, on the whole, very expensive and not very good....served and cooked by people who do not really get the food. (There are one or two stellar exceptions, which will come up in future posts.)

Recently some friends introduced me to a place that has edged out McD's as my favourite Western breakfast out. The Chinese name I am not sure how even to begin translating - Butterfly Fragment Music Coffee? The English name couldn't be simpler - Coffee. Below, their latte. (Appearance great, flavour OK.) The macchiatos came with lovely treble clefs drawn in caramel on top.

The brunch deal runs from 9:30 t0 12:30 - espresso or latte plus two fried eggs, two strips of bacon, sliced fruit, a little coleslaw on a crouton, and cookies for Y20. This is a deal and a half - the drink by itself would be Y27. They also do lunch, steak dinner, and dessert after 10 specials. One or two of the servers speak some English and they have picture menus.

Address: 青羊区通惠门路3号锦都3号院 (Behind the 通惠门 人人乐) There are a few other branches in town and one in Kunming; look for locations here (Website all Chinese).

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