Tuesday, December 30, 2008

王妈手撕烤兔 - Mother Wang's Barbecued Rabbit

This is a '老字号' (famous old brand) place for barbecued rabbit, though their best recommendation is the scent as you walk by. The rabbits are stretched out on racks and are turned over charcoal. They taste fantastic, almost cured, and are available here in two flavours only - 五香 (five spice) and 麻辣 (numbing/hot). I've only ever bothered with 麻辣. The servers will take your rabbit and use tongs to pull it to pieces with startling efficiency, then toss the meat with more hot pepper and sesame before wrapping it up. It's fantastic with beer, and I've used leftovers on pizza and to make congee and fried rice.

Barbecued rabbit is usually 30 to 35 rmb per animal. Take out window only; by the Yulin Farmer's Market.


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