Tuesday, December 9, 2008

La Mian (Hand Pulled Noodles)

Most neighborhoods here in Chengdu have a place for Lanzhou pulled noodles 兰州拉面、 run by Hui (Muslim) people and offering other dishes based on noodles, lamb, and beef.

The noodles are pulled into strands and thrown into a pot where they cook quickly, then are served in a beef broth and topped with a few slices of radish, sliced beef or lamb, and chopped scallions and cilantro on top with a slick of chili oil. The best places have broth with a rich beef flavour and a good jolt of garlic. If you've ordered a fried rice or noodle plate you will get a cup of the broth to drink.The noodles have a fantastic bite to them and go for three to five yuan for a bowl, about forty to seventy cents.

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