Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bedspread Noodles

Bedspread noodles are comfort food - wide sheets of noodle dough in broth with the usual suspects for toppings - suan cai, beef, plain or spicy stewed chicken, and others. Ribs are shown. When I took the picture I had no idea that there were stewed dried peas hiding in the sheets and the combination was unpretentious and perfect. I almost felt like I was eating an Italian pasta and bean soup. Chinese name: 铺盖面 (pu1gai4 mian).

Good bedspread noodles can be found at a noodle shop at this address, in the big plaza opposite the Shuangnan Ito Yokado:

二还路 西1段 92号 6附

Also opposite the big market on 神仙树北路, close to the new Auchan.

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  1. Another great thing about your food reviews is the price!


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